Colorful Interior Design of Pensionsmyndigheten Office by Oberg Hadmyr Architects Ltd.

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Colorful interior design is usually used on the children’s room, but Oberg Hadmyr Architects Ltd.. created different concept for Pensionsmyndigheten Office.

The office interior use bright color combination such as children’s room design.

The combination of bright colors like green, pink, yellow, blue and some other cheerful colors makes the interior look different design ideas.

Think out of the box was probably made by an interior designer’s office.

Maybe some people think the design office and adults like it too flashy and inappropriate, but everyone has different taste and imagination.

Bright colors like those found in the colorful interior design brings joy and enthusiasm atmosphere.

The Swedish Pension Agency has broken the boundaries of artistic expression in interior design.

Having featured so many great designs from Sweden, this project only accentuates the idea of productivity and workplace happiness.

The color palette includes bold and vivid colours that create a fascinating dialogue between creativity and enthusiasm.

The space is opened by the use of glass walls and connected by sliding doors.

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