Wonderful House Architecture with 2 Different Atmosphere (Old and Modern)

historical house in paris with lux interior Wonderful House Architecture with 2 Different Atmosphere (Old and Modern)

The house is located North of Paris in Val-d’Oise seem so special. The house specialty visible comes from the requirements of the building with historical value. The style of 18th century building is still very strong, although quite an old building but some people just love this type of old buildings. You certainly would not think that this building can also be called as modern buildings and even including luxury homes. Why? Because from the outside looks very old and classic. If you see photos here, you’ll find luxury in the old house with architecture style of the 18th century. Truly a home design that is very unusual, the two parts of the house so the contrast. Who would have thought that the house exterior house is 18th century building and interior house is 21th century style. No one believed before entering into of this historical house.

All side and room made so luxurious, modern minimalist living room. Then the concept made so elegant kitchen with white paint and kitchen furniture with high quality. Do not miss the beautiful lights and style staircase that connects the ground floor with upper floors are designed with very modern. You will feel at two different houses, outside the house looks old building, while in the house was like being in the king’s palace. It’s great idea in historical house.

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