Villa San Valentino, Luxury Residence with Amazing Panoramic in Italy

extraordinary villa san valentino by stephan unger Villa San Valentino, Luxury Residence with Amazing Panoramic in Italy

Villa in Italy – the luxury villas designed by Stephan Unger takes place in Merano, Alto Adige, Italy. The advantages of the residence are in remarkable construction and beautiful views villas. In view of the design and construction of the building, the Italian villa has unusual building shapes and unique architecture; home form a long and curved to make villa seem so solid and high artistic taste; ventilation gases allow sunlight to enter freely and residents can see beautiful “natural drawing” from the villa. Interior villas looks so luxurious and modern with marble tiles laid out irregularly, kitchen with table furniture made brown wood, bedroom villa with a warm atmosphere, elegant bathroom and stairs with dynamic design. Those all is evidence of how the design place living in Italy has a modern style.

Villa exterior design has no less interesting, in addition to villas surrounded by lush green grass as a place to exercise or just release the fatigue. On the plus the location of the villa facing the hills and mountains make the villa more attractive to occupy. These two things (beautiful views and extraordinary architecture) makes the modern villas can decent housing options.

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