Stone Pillows, Natural Inspire for Living Room Unique Pillows

black sofa with stone pillows by Fivetimesone Stone Pillows, Natural Inspire for Living Room Unique Pillows

Cool pillows – to complement the living room couch in need of special pillow designed to sofa furniture. You should be careful in choosing the sofa cushions to get the harmony sofa with pillows. Pillows collection of Fivetimesone has a unique shape and inspiring. Fivetimesone is architects and designers based in northern Poland. They designed cool pillows which inspired by nature. These beautiful cushions pillows called Stone pillow, in accordance with the shape similar to natural stone. At first glance this looks like stone and some others like dinosaur eggs.

Nature-themed chairs and pillows made ??from natural merino wool. All pillows unique creations made ??by hand crafted and fill with polyester fibers to ensure a high flexibility and long-term usage. Unique pillow collection with quality materials will bring comfort and a feeling of harmony in the living room. Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic, breathes and does not accept dirt.

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