Small Apartment Living with Unique Slanting Walls

Small Apartment Living Design Small Apartment Living with Unique Slanting Walls

Small apartment living is one attractive choice for those who dream minimalist residence with complete features. The main two keywords are minimalist and complete. Certainly, complete features and facilities is not only in large apartment, in the small apartment living can accommodate requirement of owner. Nowadays we’ll review a minimalist apartment with slanting walls for better living. When using the top part as a full time modern living room with beautiful Stockholm interior design is found on Per Jansson. The small apartment living is designed in minimalist design and used the slanting walls in bright color features black-white step ladder, comfy bedroom, the minimalist small kitchen, along with rooms with simple decors. This kind of charming apartment occupies regarding 57 square meters. The actual short ceilings unfolding about this apartment has unique designs. The minimalist small apartment living design still let us the cozy spreading in each rooms.

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