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Simple Elegant Garage Door Model with Classic Handles

Garage Door Front for Modern Minimalist House Simple Elegant Garage Door Model with Classic Handles

Garage door – large luxury homes are usually equipped with facilities to store and parking such as garage for cars and motorcycles. The position is commonly used as a garage is front of the house, therefore the garage design should take into account things like safety and beauty. A good garage is a garage that can fit with the overall design of the house primarily made in front of the garage beside the house as the porch. Besides the beauty and harmony of design, safety factors must also be considered as well.

Talking about the security of the garage then we have to involve garage knick-knacks, including the garage door. As we mentioned above that the balancing of garage design is very important in addition to its security level. Garage door is specifically designed to be implemented in classic homes as well as modern homes. Therefore, the garage door here has a simple but elegant design. The simple design of the garage door home design concept represents a classic, elegant while the garage door can to be applied for modern and contemporary house.

The pictures of garage doors below available in several type that are garage sliding door, garage pull door type or closed and open type. The garage door handles available in several colors that are silver, white and black to complete them to ease you open it. Here we show you several garage doors with handles for modern and classic house.

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