Natural Stone Wall for Eco-House Interior Design

Black Natural Stone Bathroom Natural Stone Wall for Eco House Interior Design

Homes with natural shades are always interesting to be applied. You can use natural stone wall to reinforce the natural impression of your home. In addition to be placed in open areas like garden and yard, you can also put natural stone indoors as wall decorations. You do not have to install natural stone wall in every room, you simply add a natural stone wall at one side of the focal point. For that you can use the sandstone arranged in alternating or use a natural stone composed of betel.

The use of natural stones often found indoors bathroom like natural stone tile and natural stone wall. For the bathroom, choose a natural stone that is rather rough and not slippery. As for the wall you can use the stone Templek, Andesite and the stone temple. But the most important in installing natural stone in the room is the color should be lighter than natural stone exterior. Look at the pictures of natural stone wall below.

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