Minimalist Architectural Design of Farm House by Archi Farm

Modular Farm House Design by Archi Farm Minimalist Architectural Design of Farm House by Archi Farm

Farm House – The simple architectural design of the house offers an attractive idea to build a minimalist house. It used brown wood as main materials. We will found much of wood on the wall, floor and ceiling house. Using cement material is almost not looking. This house includes the cutting-edge residential cast dealt with Japanese studio, Archi Farm. It’s positioned about an agrarian village and aggregates Japanese marginal art and practicality connected with farm houses. The location is in created environs surrounded by airfields and forests & the house accommodates it completely. One of many most detectable boast with the farm house is the following ground roof resemble the green lawn like a garden on the top roof. The living room of the farm house is ignoring roof that blots away big agrarian vehicles at the lower place them. A new concerning solution is the particular using of ground water that acquires pumped for the roof and serves any cooling. When we watch carefully, this minimalist house design looks very clean and fresh. I think it’s an awesome interior design with wooden themed. These figures of the farm house will be obvious each of minimalist house parts.

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