Geometric Apartment Design – Unusual Shape Building by dEMM Architectura

amazing landscape apartment by demm arquitectura Geometric Apartment Design – Unusual Shape Building by dEMM Architectura

Amazing apartment – The uniqueness of the apartments can be seen from various aspects. Among them is the design of buildings, the environment charming apartment, apartment furniture and other factors. The apartments created by the company dEMM Arquitectura Paulo Fernandes da Silva presented another architectural masterpiece. This unique apartment is located in Porto, Portugal. Portugal apartment which was named Living Foz gives comfort to its residents. Bedroom apartment is equipped with amazing view ocean. Bedroom design is made with a modern styles, the dining room apartment design is elegant shades, bathroom apartment with modern minimalist design. The unusual facade also gives the mood like apartment therapy. Ttriangular balconies regulate the distribution of light and shadows and create charming atmosphere. The apartment features controlled sun exposure, the thermal inertia of the facade, the use of alternative energy and electrically efficient appliances. Here you’ll find apartment ideas photo:

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