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Garage Shape Idea in Bondi House

garage design Garage Shape Idea in Bondi House

Unusual garage shape, because the garage with room house almost no difference.The front of house included with big door which it to open this door we must up the doors. Booth garage and house are really same. It’s Bondi House. Bondi House is attractive residence with modern architecture approach, recently “upgraded” by MCK Architects. The house designed for home family with children, the architecture is fun, modern-contemporary and unusual family. This house can be “game zone” for children, because area of the house is far in the inside and on the outside of the building around, so the children can play freely. The sloping roof form allows this sunlight to down to the new lower level living room and rear courtyard. The angle of the roof is 30 degrees allowing maximum sun in winter to penetrate into the rear yard. The 2nd floor you can watching stars at the night from the crack on the wall.

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