Courtenay, Glamour Villa in London with Modern Luxury Features

Courtenay villa in London Courtenay, Glamour Villa in London with Modern Luxury Features

Villa in London – if you holiday to London, do not forget to visit this villa. Villa with modern architectural design called Villa Courtenay. Looks so impressive from the outside complete with exotic scenery. The combination of the exterior design of white and soft brown color makes this villa so warm and friendly. The design of the building a charming box. Entrance into villa will be more amazed by the variety of modern facilities for special guest villas. Among the facilities on offer Courtenay villa those are cinema room, class room to watch a movie designed with elegant interior with soft black color; couch as seats are so comfortable and luxurious; lighting in the cinema room is made very romantic.

modern luxury cinema room of Courtenay Courtenay, Glamour Villa in London with Modern Luxury Features

The different atmosphere you see in the living room interior with pure white dressing room makes it seem very broad and outstanding, all decorated with white (walls, ceilings and furniture). The different color just installed in some elements such as the living room carpet and sofa cushions.

In addition to the living room there are also themed kitchen luxurious pure white with stainless still kitchen table, futuristic chair and brown wooden kitchen cabinets. Still on the villa facilities in London, modern white bathroom complete this luxury villa. And most important of all villa facilities in London is a comfortable place to rest, the impression of spacious, luxurious and romantic you’ll feel in the bedroom. Here are photos Courtenay villa in London in some parts of the building.

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