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Condominio M – Italian Residential Building by C+C04STUDIO

Condominio contemporary italian building Condominio M – Italian Residential Building by C+C04STUDIO

The Italian house – The building has three units of 60 sqm to 30 sqm and a small studio apartment called Condominio. Contemporary Italian residence is designed by architect C + C04STUDIO that located in Cagliari, Italy. The building looks modern and sturdy. The main materials of the Condominio building is perforated panels of galvanized steel and cement plaster white. The masses was designer with balance between the densification of the solid volumes and the increasing scarcity of matter, where the box opens to reveal the condominium common areas, stripped from the machinations of perforated steel panels. While the closing of the hard parts construction translates into nearly private rooms facing the courtyard facing south, on the other spaces of the building open to the street and occur in the plots of paths distribution leading to the apartments and underlying garages. The continuity and rigor stereometric wrap perforated plate is interrupted by a septum-projecting balcony, the only disturbing element in the balance between mass and skin.

The sheet metal facade has 2 functions there are the element which determines the continuity of the street alignments required by building regulations, municipal by another constitutes a deterrent to intruders, without hiding the paths of the common parts of functional building. The panels of sheet metal furniture allow entry to the building and access road to a clear sequence of ramps and stairs. For completed we offer photos of Italian house and also Italian 3d masterplan house, please look at below:

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