Colorful Office Design Interior for Meeting Room Designed by Hvass & Hannibal

Office Design Interior by Hvass Hannibal Colorful Office Design Interior for Meeting Room Designed by Hvass & Hannibal

Good of Office design interior is one way to improve labor productivity. By designing office that mood then you and your teammates will not be feeling tired working atmosphere. Work fatigue may be one cause is the office environment is unhealthy and bad interior of office. Therefore we gave you an office design ideas that may assist you in planning the interior design office.

Within the DGI-byen in Copenhagen, could be a terribly special meeting space, designed by the architect Hvass & Hannibal in collaboration with different artists and designers. The primary feature of the office design interior to hit the attention during this space is color, employed in demonstrations and net; the second peculiarity is that the call of imitating the urban landscape and mountain surrounding the DGI-byen with stylized however perfectly understandable. The mobile coloured of the office design are reconfigurable to pleasure, due to its wheels, and may be any walls (painted with the road of the mountains), planning to compose the landscape urban mixed natural. The result’s terribly curious and to inspire all those that work during this conference space. Let’s see the interior design photos below to get attractive inspiring for office design interior.

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