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Cheerful Interior Design Apartment by Jakub Szczesny

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Interior Design of Colorfull and Cheerful Design by Jakub Szczesny Cheerful Interior Design Apartment by Jakub Szczesny

Small apartment ideas – it’s not too difficult to design a cheerful and pleasant interior of small apartment. That’s only in need a little creativity to give the impression of a field in a narrow space. Even small apartment ideas to give the concept of color space which is very pleasant with bright and warm impression. Apartment with 21.5 square meters located in the city of Warsaw, Poland and designed by Jakub Szczesny. Apartment decorating was filled with bright colors and challenging, such as purple, green, yellow, orange and blue. No hearted, bright colors applied in all corner of the apartment. There are yellow colors on floor apartment, bright purple on the walls and some bright colors for apartment furniture.

The smart idea of space in cramped apartments that can be seen from the wall at functioned as a table by folding it. The bathroom decorating used white paint to reduce the narrow impression and adding widely nuance. For more details, you may notice some design pictures apartment you can even see the draft or masterplan of the small apartment interior design.

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