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Three Simple Designs Square Outdoor Rugs

These outdoor rugs are simplicity design for your courtyard or patio, if you have plan to place patio furniture set on your courtyard or around pool or gazebo or other outside of your home you might need [...]

March 18, 2012

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Extraordinary Outdoor Fireplaces Design to Get Unusual Gathering Moment

Extraordinary-Outdoor-Fireplace-from-Hagen-and Zohar
Here you’ll find outdoor fireplace plan and design come from right out the box idea. The outdoor fireplace concept design for any family who bored with usual fireplace they usually need a new different [...]

September 13, 2011

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Kinzo, Elegant Innovative Outdoor Grill by Betonware

One of the exciting outdoor activities is gathered together with loved ones while cooking. And talk about cooking outdoors is the most popular grilled cuisine. That’s why this page exists to review [...]

September 5, 2011

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Inspiring Art Glass for Outdoor Home Decor

Splashing water and the greenery shaded bring a peaceful environment of your home. Maybe you are looking for ideas on outdoor home decor, outdoor decor design usually takes the concept of eco-friendly. [...]

August 20, 2011


Terrace Outdoor Furniture for Country Style Vintage

Look at the photos of this outdoor terrace, it looked so integrated with nature. Which we will highlight is outdoor terrace furniture apart from vintage country-style outdoor green. Overall, this house [...]

July 31, 2011

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