Beach Green Home in Japan, Amazing and Eco-Architect Ideas by Ciel Rouge Creation

ronde green villa in Japan by Ciel Rouge Beach Green Home in Japan, Amazing and Eco Architect Ideas by Ciel Rouge Creation

Green building – gardening and planting trees or crops does not only belong to a country with large land. Japan do so, although Japan have not the large land to grow crops, Japanese people focuses on technology development, for them there is no reason to stop growing and even where that residence is not too large to be utilized as a garden. You just have an idea of this beach house, designer to design the roof of the building for use as a garden.

Japanese villa which took place near the beach, it called villa Ronde. Eco-building of beach villa designed by Ciel Rouge Creation. This modern villa has many interesting ideas that inspire us. As we mentioned above, this villa has a green roof that can be planted grass and other plants. The other inspiration of villa-style architectural design, building villa Ronde has oval shape, ranging from the basic shape of the building until the window of the villa. The window is made large house with an oval shape so that the sunlight and sea breeze to get into the house.

Perfection villa Ronde complete with the presence of typical coastal scenery superb. Who does not want a stylish modern house is equipped with a roof garden, designed with very elegant and conveniently located near the sea. You will feel a different impression if you growing a garden, looking and enjoying stunning sea views.

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