Amazing Apartment with Modern Architecture in Sydney

Amazing Apartment with Modern Architecture in Sydney Livingroom Amazing Apartment with Modern Architecture in Sydney

Located in Sydney, this modern apartment is attractive because apartment has a breathtaking view over the city, the port and the top of Darling Point. Walnut shell flour give means the central area and sliding doors make the connection between the private rooms. View from Living room and dining room is very beautiful and skyline.

The architects have an opinion about it, they said: “The existing air conditioning cabinet was clad in curvaceous metallic silver paneling to create niches for display, storage, a fold down bar and housing for the sound and audio visual equipment. This once unsightly element was now a very useful space maker, separating TV area from general living/dining. A splayed cast plaster bulkhead was installed in the general living space to enhance the curve theme, and conceal air conditioning grills while the general ceiling plane stays shy of the edge. The curved walnut paneling to the core is designed to contrast with the glazed perimeter and to anchor the occupant.”

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