Alila Villa Hadahaa, Wooden Luxury Modern Villa in the Maldiva

Alila Villa Hadahaa is luxury modern-style villa located in the Maldives. The villa has a requirement of this island as a comfortable resting place. These facts are evidence that the Alila Villa Hadahaa is a resort that deserves a choice for you who want to perfect relaxing place. The villa is specifically designed to various of tropical climate conditions, therefore the features and architecture Alila Villa Hadahaa consider aspects such as rainwater and waste treatment plants were carried out, green areas design elements, high ceilings and the roof vents open, cross-all interiors, deep roof overhangs and shading of the window.

Stunning Island Resort of Alila Villas Hadahaa Alila Villa Hadahaa, Wooden Luxury Modern Villa in the Maldiva

Alila Villa Hadahaa desian also comes with an unusual interior. Luxurious and elegant look at the selection of interior materials is good quality wood. For example in one room as in the picture below, the room was surrounded with wooden interior that is so subtle; besides that you can see and admire the charm of blue sea water from the Alila Villa Hadahaa while sitting and watching television. You feel the room is located inside the vessel.

Alila Villas Hadahaa island resort is equipped with a fully equipped facility. The facilities provided are ready to pamper you, including the swimming pool and spa facilities. Luxury pool at Alila Villa Hadahaa seen together with nature, because the pool is surrounded by tropical trees and typical beach like palm trees. After swimming tired, treat yourself to a spa. This luxury resort equipped with 16 villas prestigious Island, 20 Island Villas with private pools and 14 villas and Aqua. It takes in the natural vegetation the Island Villas create an intimate setting for relaxation and are just steps from the sand to the blue waters of the house reef. The 14 most affected Aqua Villas allow guests to retreat to the infinite horizon of the Indian Ocean. Look at the pictures of Alila Villa Hadahaa below.

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